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17 June 2011 @ 09:00 pm
Drabble #1 - There Were Two  

There Were Two
Kahi – Come Back You Bad Person

TaeMinKey, PG-15

“It's different now, Taemin. I just don't feel the same anymore.”

“No! It was perfect...we were perfect! Why? Why now—?”

“I'm sorry, but it's just not the same anymore. I...love someone else now.”

Silence. There was no movement. Paused.

“S-Since when?”

Silence. There was no eye contact. Broken.

“Since the beginning—I liked both him and you. It just happened that I picked you first. But now—now I'm certain I love him.”

Silence. There was no breathing. Stopped.

“I'm sorry, Taemin.”


Taemin wrapped his warm blanket around his slumped shoulders. He cuddled himself quietly in the corner of his bed, staring blankly at the wall in front of him.

The clock to his right ticked away by seconds, minutes and hours, but Taemin still remained quiet and unblinking in his corner. His eyes were hollow and bloodshot. His heart was hollow and blood drained. But his brain was cramped with thoughts and memories. It was overloaded with them, and the excess flowed down and dripped out of the corners of his burning eyes.

At last, he closed his eyes and rested them. A soft sob left his dry lips and a hiccup followed. He tipped his body forward and flopped onto his hard mattress, his hips bounced up and fell in recoil. His numb legs from maintaining a crouched position for hours stretched and twitched awkwardly. After uncoiling them from each other with much difficulty, they lay limply on the edge of the bed. Arms, they dangled off the sides of the bed, and his face buried beneath the blanket that no longer held the scent of his ex.

His eyes remained behind sealed lids, but they were restless nonetheless, darting here and there jerkily as he reminisced the good days. The days when there was no doubt in their relationship, just forward affection.

Now, all that's left of Taemin is a broken heart and mind. He is just an empty shell without a soul. It's almost like he did not exist anymore.


“Taemin! Over here!” Minho called out to Taemin who was sitting quietly on the park bench.

He turned around and caught Minho's gaze. With a smile on his cherry lips, he stood and waved energetically at his new boyfriend.

With his best friend tugged along behind him, he dashed towards where Minho was. Excitedly, he introduced, “I know I shouldn't bring a friend on our first date, but he wanted to meet you so much, I just couldn't turn him down. He's my best friend, Kim Kibum!”

Minho stared at the male standing a few inches behind his boyfriend with skeptical eyes and gasped, “Key?”

“Hey, Minho. Didn't think you'd have it in you to make my Taeminie your boyfriend. Long time no see.”

Just when things started, Minho knew it would go very wrong after seeing the nostalgic face of his first love.


Taemin laughed bitterly and confirmed with himself, “So it was Key-hyung...”

A tear rolled down the corner of his eye and he cursed, "Fuck." And that was about all he spoke since the break up.

Current Music: Come Back You Bad Person
Lycianse: #dinotofuthpeekaboo on June 18th, 2011 05:32 am (UTC)

but it was nice , daughter. really :3 kibum stood out in this fic - i know you're gonna ask me why but i dk, he just stood out XDD and i'll talk about it more with you in msn ^^